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9:30 am
Classes for Children, Teens and Adults

10:30 am
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7:00 pm
Bible Study


7:00 pm
Reformers Unanimous

Loving nursery care for children ages 0-3 is available at each service.

Christians become grounded in their faith by growing and learning answers to spiritual questions. Faith Baptist Church utilizes a discipleship program that has been proven effective and biblically sound. As a new Christian, when you enroll in discipleship, you will be placed with an experienced Christian who will help guide you in your new-found faith. If you have been saved for a while and never gone through a discipleship program, this program is a great way to learn what you believe about what God says in His word.

disciple plantFaith Baptist Church also provides a full range of Christian education, personal growth and life skills classes that help guide every person to identify, prepare and do their ministry as directed by the Holy Spirit. Conducted in an open, friendly environment, these programs offer many opportunities for everyone to become actively involved in ministry, to uniquely share in fellowship, and to participate in the various missions of the church.

Programs are focused on individual needs and lead one to build a personal relationship with Christ and a close relationship with fellow believers. For more information please contact us here or call the church office at 801-771-4652 and ask about our discipleship opportunities.